Sunshine and Coffee

coffee, fresh, Morning discussion, renew, soul cleansing

Oh man I don’t have words that really express how much I love my mornings, I feel they are special, new, clean, fresh…they are mine. I get an hour to myself to enjoy my Coffee and really just dust off my soul, the early mornings and bright sunshine of beautiful days, replenish who I am on the inside.


I do not love (and that means I’m a total pouter) when my mornings come so quickly after getting home late because of making pit stops on the way home (with brand new blisters on my feet cause my brand new shoes decided to bite me)cause – regardless of when I go to bed, my dogs still think we are getting up at the same time.

But that is neither here, nor there….That my friends is a first world problem.

So I guess i’ll have MORE coffee still give my thanks for my life and press on.

I’d like to offer a challenge: Drink a glass of water and just say “thank you”


3 thoughts on “Sunshine and Coffee

  1. Thank you Jayde Danielle! My response is:
    My questions for you are
    1. Why did you start a blog?
    I enjoy interaction and I can only hope to make someone laugh, laughter can heal so many different things.
    2. What do you plan on writing about?
    My life, and the way I see it.
    3. Favourite social media platform?
    I think I prefer Instagram. 🙂
    4. Do you have a blogging schedule?
    No way jose! I do what i want when i want. Unless its going to work, chores, taking care of the labs or homework. so mostly I don’t have time to do anything. 🙂
    5. Explain your blog name?
    Diary of a free lady. Crazy bitch was taken. Just kidding. Dairy mean this is mine, my words, my life, the way I think, it gives others passage to my thoughts, not a front to attack me, like reading someone else’s diary you get a sneak peak into my thoughts. A free lady, Im free, as in I don’t (think)i wear the chains of conformity dictated by society, i’d like to think I think and act with intention and love. I’m a very polished, professional hard-ass hippie. 🙂
    6. Have you got a blogger inspiration?
    Nope – just living the dream.
    7. If somebody asked you to explain what a blog is how would you reply?
    open forum to allow your juices to flow. In the most clean way possible of course.
    8. What 1 Superpower would you like to have?
    I wish i morph into super speed to get my obligations done fast so i had more time to sit in the sunshine with my loves.
    9. Would you ever approach brands yourself?
    Like Levi’s? or Tarte? not 100% sure the question.
    10. Do you wish to start youtube as well as your blog?
    Nope – I have no need to youtube
    11. What have you learned since blogging?
    some people are pretty f-ing cool.


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