Liebster Award Nominee!!!


OH MY GOD – my words are seen by “people” WHOA. đŸ™‚ Thank you ma’am!


One thought on “Liebster Award Nominee!!!

  1. My questions for you:

    What do you love most about blogging?
    Anonymity. No one knows me, therefore they view my words and thoughts with a much larger mental and emotional allowance. People who are close to you prefer to remain as you always are, don’t rock the boat – that makes folks uncomfortable.
    Favourite place you have travelled to?
    I love love love the Pacific Northwest – its stunning and soul cleansing. Paris I think stole part of my heart, that city is witchcraft. GO THERE!
    Your favourite season of the year?
    Well in the dead of winter i love summer! In the heat of the summer I miss winter days. So Fall.
    What is your first go to app in the morning?
    My email – since quitting the Facebook, i try a little harder to actually talk to friends and I really like coupons.
    Any books you would recommend?
    I love books, they allow you into little worlds the writer has come up with, currently I like books on disk. The Karen Marie Moaning Fever Series is my favorite girly -read….but I’ve really started liking non-fiction, I love to learn from life.
    How do you make sure you stay on top of your blogging schedule?
    I submit posts when i feel compelled. therefore I’ve no schedule and i’m free to do as I please.
    Have you always been creative?
    I don’t know if I’d say I am “creative” i know that delivering a message with humor and sass and a TON of love is the best way to communicate.
    The best advice you have been given.
    The one liner I go back to a lot is “its not a bad life, its a bad day” so yes, this too (what ever it may be) will pass.
    Your perfect way to relax.
    I’d love to say in a spa spending a ton of money for some lady to buff and polish my skin. But really its on the couch with my amazing husband and my two dogs, I like red wine (boxed cause I’m lazy and cheap – but the crap is goooood) and he can watch his shows, I’m not a huge tv fan, I am a HUGE fan of him and the labs though.
    What is on your road trip playlist?
    Spotify – I need to fix my account, why can’t you call in to them?! Or recently the hubs and I like books on disk. I get stories and its a way to invite literature to his mind since reading isn’t his “thang”.
    Five things you love about YOU?
    I’m a morning person, I’m one tough broad, I love more then I ever thought I could, I’m pretty good at doing my makeup, I am free to do as I please, and I own that, I hold that one very dear to my heart; I will make life worth living.


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