Buddhism and Pet Ownership


how the hell do you combine the two?

My lovely lady-Remington Brianne

lol-she goes by “Remi”. 

Remi is 11-has torn her ACL and as her dog mom, I’ll pay the fee to fix it if it gives her any time of additional joy.

Coolio. Never have I have felt so conflicted. Yet that little voice that screams at me…reminds me that…yolo. If a bitch needs $3,500 to fix her ACL then whatever, she’s never picked anyone over me, she’s never left my side.

Why does the price of surgery even play into my thoughts?? Cause sometimes it’s a factor. 
I’ll give this girl everything I’ve got-if you pray/send some her way. She’s been my constant through the years, and she deserves nothing less.

Stupid money. 



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