Offend your Friends.


I am pretty excited, I get the chance to visit with friends next weekend. The joys of a well spent life is friends everywhere, and a con to that is the distance and time between visits.

Regardless-who doesn’t love it when they get some time away from work and laundry and just relax?

So what is something that you don’t hear about as often as you used too?

 Playing board games!!!

So I’ve finally commited and purchased “Cards Against Humanity”. If you have a twisted sense of humor you will be the winner.

It’s fun to see the brilliance that comes out of this game, and a great way to visit laugh and not get board. Well plus I’m just excited to make people play this with me! 

I challenge you: Visit with friends, remind them they matter to you. And for god sake – beat them at the board game!! 

Love – laughter – and light to you all!


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