My Darling Snooze Button


We are here to discuss the sweet sweet surrender of hitting snooze; as an adult there are responsibilities that go along with having a mortgage and paying bills and that is getting and keeping a job.

I use my cell phone as my alarm, so I sleep with the damn thing.

There is something so wonderful about the snooze button, the little flares of rebellion by taking advantage of 10 more minutes staying warm and comfy in your bed, either drifting back off or just enjoying the quiet moments as your world slowly starts to come back to life after a brief pause, your inner teenager can still stay “I do what I want alarm” by ignoring its first bellows of alertness back to adulthood, while the responsible adult inside of me feels the security of knowing in 10 minutes I’ll be reminded to get my butt up and day going.

My flip side is knowing that in those minutes I selfishly steal for myself to be a lazy lady I could be up taking care of my other needs – I have internal conflict with it all, and I am hell bent on learning the proper balance of it all. I just haven’t mastered this yet.

Good morning to you – whether you’re a snoozer or not; love and light to you and yours.


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