STOP IT ALREADY will you please?


“God, I look awful today” as you pull and tug at your face, or check out every pore.

“I’m fat” as you pinch that lovely bit of skin around your belly.

Listen – whether or not you think you’re perfect the truth is


YOU ARE PERFECT- you choose to be everything you are in this moment.
B*tch you fat?! well guess what – use the power of your subconscious and instead of saying “i’m fat” you say “i am fit” “I am healthy” ” I love myself” “I deserve to care for my human body” say those things,  not in past tense, not for the future FOR THE NOW. Don’t believe me?  Well if you got time to read this, you sure as shit have time to go read scientific studies of the power of the brain, the mind, and the subconscious.

YOU ARE SMART – don’t think so? Just read the front page of one newspaper OR go to the website and pursue for 2 minutes.

YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL – don’t think so? I believe Coco Chanel said it best “There are no ugly women, just lazy ones” <— well, this is embarrassing, You aren’t ugly you’re just lazy. If you’re gunna be lazy, at least be honest about it.


So buy a white board marker and use your big ass bathroom mirror and write you’re wants and dreams on it, wipe it off, try again. Do this once, monthly, yearly, weekly, daily.

but for GOD-SAKE Stop the negative talk, negative self talk, PLEASE at least once stop mid sentence and instead of bringing any more bad energy into this world, change your words to be positive.

Love and Light to you.




My Little.


Oh my baby – this world is killing me, watching how ugly it can be yet knowing the beauty and love that is there as well. I ache for you, I want so badly to protect your heart and mind from this ugliness, I want to protect all of you from the ugliness.

But my heart aches for the tiny baby you used to be, my arms miss you at this moment and i’m so excited about who you keep forming into.

I pray that I give you the wisdom and depth to make peace with chaos around you. I pray that I am always right where you need me to be as you stumble through this adventure. Above it all, I pray that I keep my eyes wide open to exactly right where we are this moment and I absorb every second of this now that I have with your wonderful little self.

To say I love you,  is an understatement.

My Darling Snooze Button


We are here to discuss the sweet sweet surrender of hitting snooze; as an adult there are responsibilities that go along with having a mortgage and paying bills and that is getting and keeping a job.

I use my cell phone as my alarm, so I sleep with the damn thing.

There is something so wonderful about the snooze button, the little flares of rebellion by taking advantage of 10 more minutes staying warm and comfy in your bed, either drifting back off or just enjoying the quiet moments as your world slowly starts to come back to life after a brief pause, your inner teenager can still stay “I do what I want alarm” by ignoring its first bellows of alertness back to adulthood, while the responsible adult inside of me feels the security of knowing in 10 minutes I’ll be reminded to get my butt up and day going.

My flip side is knowing that in those minutes I selfishly steal for myself to be a lazy lady I could be up taking care of my other needs – I have internal conflict with it all, and I am hell bent on learning the proper balance of it all. I just haven’t mastered this yet.

Good morning to you – whether you’re a snoozer or not; love and light to you and yours.

The Power of Social Media

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I quit Facebook

I never even looked at snap chat

I love Instagram. Snippets of my days that I can share with our friends and family with out the soap-box that everyone has on platforms such as twitter, Facebook etc., Do you know how unsafe they are? Even one out there with your full name, where you live, what you’re doing, your birthday?! HELLO Identity thieves….Hello intelligence hackers.

I do find it funny how entitled folks feel, and the unhealthy habits the internet has opened up to us. It makes me laugh (while rolling my eyes) and breaks my heart.

I think the most painful is the amount of complaints versus the amount of solutions, and the all the anguish and frustrations instead of spreading love and light.


  • Be Married to Brad Pitt or Angelina
  • Be Born in the North Pole
  • For the love of GOD don’t accept random friend requests.

EVEN BETTER…When did you last walk out side to be outside, or plant flowers, or give your time and effort to others, the world, your environment? Grow a garden. Save the bees.


I challenge you to a month sans social media. <— could you do it? Would you be willing to give one Saturday to a charity you find appealing?

Please – set the example, grab a latte and give to organization some of your time.

Back in the Game


Who knew how quickly time actually moves. I read once “the days are long but the years are short” and after having a baby I literally shouted out an “AMEN” to that statement.

well in the last few years I’ve learned a lot – the hard way and with intention.

And I’m back to share what I am learning along the way.

  1. Parenting – Not what I expected yet everything I expected #mindblown
  2. Intention – the power and importance of
  3. Spirituality – never knew how important this was until it rocked me to my foundation
  4. Home Ownership – #adultingishard

and of course Self care and preservation and how important it is to just laugh, laugh at everything

Because this grand adventure will not last

Love and light to you.

Offend your Friends.


I am pretty excited, I get the chance to visit with friends next weekend. The joys of a well spent life is friends everywhere, and a con to that is the distance and time between visits.

Regardless-who doesn’t love it when they get some time away from work and laundry and just relax?

So what is something that you don’t hear about as often as you used too?

 Playing board games!!!

So I’ve finally commited and purchased “Cards Against Humanity”. If you have a twisted sense of humor you will be the winner.

It’s fun to see the brilliance that comes out of this game, and a great way to visit laugh and not get board. Well plus I’m just excited to make people play this with me! 

I challenge you: Visit with friends, remind them they matter to you. And for god sake – beat them at the board game!! 

Love – laughter – and light to you all!

I love adventures!

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so happy Memirial Day-love to every man woman and teenager who pulled on thier combat boots and said “well if I die, I die but here I am.” I love you all. 

Yesterday we went out for a new adventure and went white water rafting! It was epic, and adorable, not the thrilling class 5 Rapids but more like a little jaunt down a river. 

Either way-it was a new adventure a new experience a memory made. 

A perfect success, I love new things-I love to know I’m capable and that I can survive it and come out the other end a better version of me.

So I challenge you: please enjoy the world we live in-have you been aching to visit a new place?! GO! But the ticket, everything else will fall in place!  

Oh and use coupons.