The Power of Social Media

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I quit Facebook

I never even looked at snap chat

I love Instagram. Snippets of my days that I can share with our friends and family with out the soap-box that everyone has on platforms such as twitter, Facebook etc., Do you know how unsafe they are? Even one out there with your full name, where you live, what you’re doing, your birthday?! HELLO Identity thieves….Hello intelligence hackers.

I do find it funny how entitled folks feel, and the unhealthy habits the internet has opened up to us. It makes me laugh (while rolling my eyes) and breaks my heart.

I think the most painful is the amount of complaints versus the amount of solutions, and the all the anguish and frustrations instead of spreading love and light.


  • Be Married to Brad Pitt or Angelina
  • Be Born in the North Pole
  • For the love of GOD don’t accept random friend requests.

EVEN BETTER…When did you last walk out side to be outside, or plant flowers, or give your time and effort to others, the world, your environment? Grow a garden. Save the bees.


I challenge you to a month sans social media. <— could you do it? Would you be willing to give one Saturday to a charity you find appealing?

Please – set the example, grab a latte and give to organization some of your time.


I love adventures!

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so happy Memirial Day-love to every man woman and teenager who pulled on thier combat boots and said “well if I die, I die but here I am.” I love you all. 

Yesterday we went out for a new adventure and went white water rafting! It was epic, and adorable, not the thrilling class 5 Rapids but more like a little jaunt down a river. 

Either way-it was a new adventure a new experience a memory made. 

A perfect success, I love new things-I love to know I’m capable and that I can survive it and come out the other end a better version of me.

So I challenge you: please enjoy the world we live in-have you been aching to visit a new place?! GO! But the ticket, everything else will fall in place!  

Oh and use coupons.

Time flies

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when you stay busy, my husbands says “I want to be a professional blogger” after listening to something on the radio about some important person defining themselves as a professional blogger.

Isn’t this just a way to share thoughts and ideas? How do you make this a profession?

Either way – I made it to saturday. WOOHOO I did not get out of bed until nearly 8am! That’s a very selfish move; it may be saturday but I have my chores: Housework, workout, garden work (which i probably won’t do), my two labs, shower at some point, and get dressed before the hubs gets home.

Why is it that in your 20’s you can do all that before noon…at 30, I make my list but tackle only a few items. WTF universe?

Ehhh it’s okay, yesterday was payday and i’m already broke so staying at home is my only option!

Happy Saturday, do me a favor? Return your carts to the cart rack at the store. 🙂 I hate it when they are like free cattle in a parking lot.

Playing Hooky

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Those magic days when not going to school – felt so rebellious and dangerous, like you were in charge of our own life! You had a say, and you wanted to “stick-it-to-the-man”.

I never skipped school. School was way too groovy to miss. I was reminded the mindset of the current generations youth last night, at first I was SO annoyed with their stupid banter of self promotions. “me-me-me-me-me-me” ugh NO BODY CARES – then I thought I shouldn’t be so hard. Their adorable attitudes will change once the world is done chewing them up.

Back to playing Hooky

Im not going to work today –

I’ve taken a day of leave!

To take my 11 year old dog to see the doc, cause she’s not using her rear leg and I do NOT want her busting up her last few good ones.

after that I will continue to be wildly effiecent and attempt to get stuff done around my house.

That my dearest friends – is an adult playing hooky.

I challenge you to allow your inner child a moment to play. Love to you!


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it is vital to your survival to know without a doubt the difference between

swallowing and inhaling.

Swallowing coffee on a Monday morning is good.

Inhaling coffee (anytime) is bad.

I’m the genius who learned this the wrong way wearing light colored pants.

A lesson of humility and the limitations of the human body.

Don’t be like me, happy Monday friends!!

Let’s rock and roll.

Blogging is Silly – but I love Silly.

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Ha, first go at it, but honestly this is a way to talk, grow, and re-live things through my own words, since “quitting” Facebook for good. Like some smokers – i had quit before, and went right back. the illusion that being “in the know” was important, I spent more time scrolling than I had actually thinking. So finally I found my inner strength to really give it a Hev-ho!

ADIOS Social networking, i’ve no need for the addiction it brings to me….oh Hola Bloggin…so weird….

However, I had found out after “quitting” that my pals missed my rants, my witty one-liners, and my brutal honesty passed with love and humility.

so PLEASE enjoy my rants, THEY ARE MINE, and if you don’t agree, that honestly makes me happy, cause we are not clones. I want to grow from myself, from the world, from my lessons and experiences.

Lets see how long it takes to become addicted to my online over-sharing??