I love adventures!

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so happy Memirial Day-love to every man woman and teenager who pulled on thier combat boots and said “well if I die, I die but here I am.” I love you all. 

Yesterday we went out for a new adventure and went white water rafting! It was epic, and adorable, not the thrilling class 5 Rapids but more like a little jaunt down a river. 

Either way-it was a new adventure a new experience a memory made. 

A perfect success, I love new things-I love to know I’m capable and that I can survive it and come out the other end a better version of me.

So I challenge you: please enjoy the world we live in-have you been aching to visit a new place?! GO! But the ticket, everything else will fall in place!  

Oh and use coupons.



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it is vital to your survival to know without a doubt the difference between

swallowing and inhaling.

Swallowing coffee on a Monday morning is good.

Inhaling coffee (anytime) is bad.

I’m the genius who learned this the wrong way wearing light colored pants.

A lesson of humility and the limitations of the human body.

Don’t be like me, happy Monday friends!!

Let’s rock and roll.