I love adventures!

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so happy Memirial Day-love to every man woman and teenager who pulled on thier combat boots and said “well if I die, I die but here I am.” I love you all. 

Yesterday we went out for a new adventure and went white water rafting! It was epic, and adorable, not the thrilling class 5 Rapids but more like a little jaunt down a river. 

Either way-it was a new adventure a new experience a memory made. 

A perfect success, I love new things-I love to know I’m capable and that I can survive it and come out the other end a better version of me.

So I challenge you: please enjoy the world we live in-have you been aching to visit a new place?! GO! But the ticket, everything else will fall in place!  

Oh and use coupons.


Sunshine and Coffee

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Oh man I don’t have words that really express how much I love my mornings, I feel they are special, new, clean, fresh…they are mine. I get an hour to myself to enjoy my Coffee and really just dust off my soul, the early mornings and bright sunshine of beautiful days, replenish who I am on the inside.


I do not love (and that means I’m a total pouter) when my mornings come so quickly after getting home late because of making pit stops on the way home (with brand new blisters on my feet cause my brand new shoes decided to bite me)cause – regardless of when I go to bed, my dogs still think we are getting up at the same time.

But that is neither here, nor there….That my friends is a first world problem.

So I guess i’ll have MORE coffee still give my thanks for my life and press on.

I’d like to offer a challenge: Drink a glass of water and just say “thank you”