I must be PMSing


but I know I’m not. Here’s the thing. I live in the United States of America. The land of the free, the home of the brave. Etc… Right?!
So tell me American women- why the f*ck to do you piss all over the toliet seats and floors?!, what does your house look like?

 Do you for one second care about anyone coming in behind you OR the poor kid that has to clean YOUR bodily fluids off the floor and seat?
You’re selfish and self absorbed and self centered and you disgust me.
We are NOT a third world country. 
Clean up after yourself. You’re not a pig are you? Cause pigs are kept in cages. 


I need a Brownie…STAT

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So I think (and by think I mean I know) I have a sugar addiction, I don’t crave chips or anything salty. When I get hormonal, emotional, or stressed – This b*tch needs sugar.

So today I need to go and try to battle Jared Jewelers and their interpretation of their warranty vs. what they told us. Ahh customer service at it’s finest.

AND the biggest deal today – I’m quitting….I’m a quitter.

Quit what you ask?

Birth control.



I’ve spent the last 3 decades not wanting to get pregnant. like at all. (i guess the first 2 decades don’t really count) So my internal child feels a sense of freedom and excitment at the possibility of this new chapter of my life, while my internal adult is pretty much freaking out-money/responsibility/obligation/freedom.

So the way I work is to always consider every idea that goes through my head, and ultimately I want this, I want my husband’s babies I want a family and a love that only comes from this adventure. What I fear won’t happen – ever – my husband is amazing.

That does not mean I’m not terrified.

On another note – Remi’s a pain, she won’t just lay down and rest, I have to keep yelling at her, I think she’s going to break herself…Please don’t dog, I need you around.

Todays challenge: Do ONE thing you’re afraid to do. Just try it. – well don’t hug a stranger, they may not like it or they may not wear deodorant.

Love to you all.

Playing the “ever-loving-victim”


People who live in their Woe-is-me, back of the hand to their forehead in the most dramatic display of sympathy seeking role of their lifetime;


You are no victim, you are an ACTOR. I don’t know where you lost you’re “big girl panties” at but really, the rest of us could really use you finding them and tugging them back on.

Don’t you think for one second that the rest of us have our own sh*t going on? Don’t you think we have our own bills, or own hurdles, but you – YOU – need us to stop making our own plans of attack to flutter to your side.


Okay I feel better – let me elaborate. Our lives whether you are ready to view them this way or not – are beautiful, they are free, and loving and wonderful. Oh my god, I as an adult can come and go as I please, I can let the sun touch my skin, I can eat cake as I want, I can go sweat and make my muscles work and I have a bed that is ALWAYS there for me. I am so thankful. I will never ask any one to placate me in my own little production where I am the starring role.

I am not nor will I ever be a “woe-is-me” wounded person.

I have far to much dignity and grace, and I beg of you, allow your soul to let go of your internal demons, they don’t really exist. I promise.

Time flies

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when you stay busy, my husbands says “I want to be a professional blogger” after listening to something on the radio about some important person defining themselves as a professional blogger.

Isn’t this just a way to share thoughts and ideas? How do you make this a profession?

Either way – I made it to saturday. WOOHOO I did not get out of bed until nearly 8am! That’s a very selfish move; it may be saturday but I have my chores: Housework, workout, garden work (which i probably won’t do), my two labs, shower at some point, and get dressed before the hubs gets home.

Why is it that in your 20’s you can do all that before noon…at 30, I make my list but tackle only a few items. WTF universe?

Ehhh it’s okay, yesterday was payday and i’m already broke so staying at home is my only option!

Happy Saturday, do me a favor? Return your carts to the cart rack at the store. 🙂 I hate it when they are like free cattle in a parking lot.

Buddhism and Pet Ownership


how the hell do you combine the two?

My lovely lady-Remington Brianne

lol-she goes by “Remi”. 

Remi is 11-has torn her ACL and as her dog mom, I’ll pay the fee to fix it if it gives her any time of additional joy.

Coolio. Never have I have felt so conflicted. Yet that little voice that screams at me…reminds me that…yolo. If a bitch needs $3,500 to fix her ACL then whatever, she’s never picked anyone over me, she’s never left my side.

Why does the price of surgery even play into my thoughts?? Cause sometimes it’s a factor. 
I’ll give this girl everything I’ve got-if you pray/send some her way. She’s been my constant through the years, and she deserves nothing less.

Stupid money.