Playing Hooky

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Those magic days when not going to school – felt so rebellious and dangerous, like you were in charge of our own life! You had a say, and you wanted to “stick-it-to-the-man”.

I never skipped school. School was way too groovy to miss. I was reminded the mindset of the current generations youth last night, at first I was SO annoyed with their stupid banter of self promotions. “me-me-me-me-me-me” ugh NO BODY CARES – then I thought I shouldn’t be so hard. Their adorable attitudes will change once the world is done chewing them up.

Back to playing Hooky

Im not going to work today –

I’ve taken a day of leave!

To take my 11 year old dog to see the doc, cause she’s not using her rear leg and I do NOT want her busting up her last few good ones.

after that I will continue to be wildly effiecent and attempt to get stuff done around my house.

That my dearest friends – is an adult playing hooky.

I challenge you to allow your inner child a moment to play. Love to you!