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it is vital to your survival to know without a doubt the difference between

swallowing and inhaling.

Swallowing coffee on a Monday morning is good.

Inhaling coffee (anytime) is bad.

I’m the genius who learned this the wrong way wearing light colored pants.

A lesson of humility and the limitations of the human body.

Don’t be like me, happy Monday friends!!

Let’s rock and roll.


Blogging is Silly – but I love Silly.

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Ha, first go at it, but honestly this is a way to talk, grow, and re-live things through my own words, since “quitting” Facebook for good. Like some smokers – i had quit before, and went right back. the illusion that being “in the know” was important, I spent more time scrolling than I had actually thinking. So finally I found my inner strength to really give it a Hev-ho!

ADIOS Social networking, i’ve no need for the addiction it brings to me….oh Hola Bloggin…so weird….

However, I had found out after “quitting” that my pals missed my rants, my witty one-liners, and my brutal honesty passed with love and humility.

so PLEASE enjoy my rants, THEY ARE MINE, and if you don’t agree, that honestly makes me happy, cause we are not clones. I want to grow from myself, from the world, from my lessons and experiences.

Lets see how long it takes to become addicted to my online over-sharing??