Time flies

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when you stay busy, my husbands says “I want to be a professional blogger” after listening to something on the radio about some important person defining themselves as a professional blogger.

Isn’t this just a way to share thoughts and ideas? How do you make this a profession?

Either way – I made it to saturday. WOOHOO I did not get out of bed until nearly 8am! That’s a very selfish move; it may be saturday but I have my chores: Housework, workout, garden work (which i probably won’t do), my two labs, shower at some point, and get dressed before the hubs gets home.

Why is it that in your 20’s you can do all that before noon…at 30, I make my list but tackle only a few items. WTF universe?

Ehhh it’s okay, yesterday was payday and i’m already broke so staying at home is my only option!

Happy Saturday, do me a favor? Return your carts to the cart rack at the store. 🙂 I hate it when they are like free cattle in a parking lot.